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Rod Thomas

Rod is the founder and Managing Director of Avantis Wealth, bringing new insights and profitable investment strategies using high income alternative investments. The senior team at Avantis Wealth includes a close-knit group of investment professionals with more than 75 years of combined experience. As Managing Director, Rod is determined to use high income, alternative investments to deliver financial freedom and income security to all clients.

Rod has an innovative and forward-thinking perspective, contextualized by 30+ years of professional experience. This has allowed him to challenge the conventions of the investment sector and develop a new investment strategy called F.R.E.S.H.


Fixed returns


Rewarding high income


Exit strategy pre-defined


Security in place


Hands off management

Avantis Wealth uses the F.R.ES.H. investment strategy to identify investments that meet five core criteria. Using this strategy enables Avantis Wealth to introduce clients to investments that typically offer 7% – 15% annual returns, sometimes considerably more! These level of returns provide the ability to transform the prospects of clients, whether it is for more income from investment today, or meeting and exceeding the pension and retirement goals of clients.

Whatever the reason, the outcome focused on by Rod is greater financial security and a better quality of life.

Rod Thomas and the Avantis Wealth team have built their approach to developing strong streams of investment income on the twin pillars of tried-and-true business tactics and new market-leading alternative investments. With realistic returns for clients of  7%-15% per annum from their pensions, ISAs, and other investments it is no surprise that the ‘traditional’ financial services sector finds it hard to compete.

This blog will focus on alternative investment options for people who are ready to plan more secure and prosperous futures. Stay tuned!


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This is the first post on Rod Thomas’ site devoted to his work with Avantis Wealth.